In many ways, ski-resort communities are beholden to the natural world that surrounds them. The allure of the mountain lifestyle stems from a meaningful connection with nature. Through recreational activities like skiing, hiking and mountain biking, residents of ski-resort villages can come in direct contact with the natural world and experience all of the joy and beauty that it provides.

As such, the preservation of the environment is imperative to the future of ski-resort communities—you can’t ski if there’s no snow.

This is where properties like the forthcoming Electric Pass Lodge located in Snowmass Village, Colorado, come in.

Designed to be 100% powered by renewable energy, Electric Pass Lodge will be one of the first of its kind and a leader in the growing trend toward eco-conscious construction in the state.

“This project is proof that we can do things the right way,” says Rod Woelfle, a Colorado native and broker for Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate, “that we can limit our impact on the environment while still making a high-quality product.”

The eco-friendly building will draw its power from a combination of rooftop solar panels and off-site renewable sources such as wind turbines.

“There are your standard solar components,” Woelfle says, “but there’s also some really interesting engineering and technology in the building that results in the 100% renewable energy.”

State-of-the-art insulation, triple-pane windows and phase-change material, which traps heat or cold to be used for later, are to be integrated into the building’s envelope to maximize energy efficiency.

The environment will not be the only beneficiary of this all-electric structure. Residents’ well-being was also factored into development. A continuous air-flow system will circulate fresh air throughout the building. Non-toxic building materials and no fuel-burning will help maintain the air quality.

The condo units will be styled after contemporary Scandinavian designs incorporating natural wood elements, sleek fireplaces and open-floor concepts. In addition, a sun-facing orientation, operable windows and large sliding glass doors will help to take advantage of natural environment.

Pricing starts at $1.4 million with options for two- and three-bedroom residences.

Apart from the eco-friendly merits and stylish sophistication, the building also boasts a pristine location. Nestled along a valley of the Elk Mountain Range and nine miles from Aspen, Electric Pass Lodge will be within the Snowmass Base Village Development.

Outfitted with such amenities as a rock-climbing wall, outdoor ice rink and an events lawn, where residents can come together to see free live music and comedy shows, as well as a wide array of restaurants, bars and recreational spaces for kids, Snowmass Base Village offers much more than world-class skiing and snowboarding.

“There are so many amenities that build a strong sense of community,” Woelfle says. “It’s a very warm and welcoming place.”

As the momentum behind Electric Pass Lodge continues to accelerate, so are sales—only 7 of the building’s 53 units are still available. At this rate, the building looks to be completely occupied before its expected completion in the spring of 2023, showing that perhaps eco-conscious construction is becoming a priority for consumers.

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